One of the things that humans have in common is the capacity to dream. It’s human nature to
desire good life. In the same vein, humans also go out of their way to avoid pain. The freedom of
thought is inborn, and cannot be denied or controlled by governments. Therefore, every human
being is free to imagine or entertain any thoughts relating to the future. Our brains have
unlimited capacity to think and imagine about the future. That future may be the next moment,
days, weeks, months, years or decades away. A dream can be defined as ‘some desirable
imaginary state of being that may encompass the wholesome person-spiritual, financial,
physical and social aspects’. In a dream, a person creates or conjures up images of the desired
future in the brain. As a conscious activity, dreaming happens in the brains.
Dreams are dynamic
From birth to the grave, humans evolve through a process. During childhood, a person’s brain is
at it ‘purest’ form, that is devoid of social prejudices. Their minds are free of societal
contamination. At this stage, children entertain all manner of dreams as to their careers, family
relationships and spirituality. Dreams are not static. With passage of time, a person’s
circumstances change and so do the dreams. A person’s internal and external environments have
a big influence on one’s perceptions and dreams.
Value of a dream
Every human being is unique, fearfully and wonderfully created. Therefore, unique humans
create individual specific dreams. It is therefore illogical and futile to compare one’s dreams with
another person. We come to this world wired to think in certain ways. Our circumstances through
life are difference. So are our journeys through life. It follows that every dreamer’s dreams are
relevant and valid.
In absence of an organized market for dreams, how can we determine the value of a person’s
dreams? As a thought idea, a dream has no market. That lofty mental picture of a desirable
future is only known to the dreamer. A dreamer cannot pay bills with a mere thought image
domiciled in the brains. Nobody can feed on mere dreams. The cliché, ‘if wishes were horses,
beggars would ride,’ reinforces this conclusion. Since every human being has absolute freedom
and capacity to create or imagine all manner of dreams, there won’t be poor people if mere
dreaming earned one some disposable incomes!
At the market place, customers pay for solutions to their challenges. Customers buy solutions to
their life challenges. To monetize a dream, one has got to graduate from the dreamland to the
industry floor of action. It is at the action level that products and services are created.
Monetize the dream
Before embarking on actualizing a dream through action, one should be able to articulate the idea
in writing. Summarizing a dream in writing has the advantage of improving the clarity and
logical thinking besides making it easier to share with other parties. It is advisable to exercise
some caution when sharing one’s dreams. There are thieves who specialize in stealing and
aborting other’s dreams.
After articulating the dream on paper, the next most critical stage is taking action to implement
the idea. One must craft an implementation plan. It is at this action stage that majority of people
get paralyzed in fear of failure. Speed is of essence give the dynamism in the market place. One
should avoid ‘over planning’ or getting stuck in analysis paralysis, a perfect alibi for
Every human being hampers some dreams of a better life but only a few have the courage, the
discipline, persistence and perseverance to do the donkey dirty stuff of taking action. Majority of
us dream and yearn for a better future but are very reluctant to sacrifice our comfort. They do not
want to sweat to see their dreams become a reality. Dreams that are not acted upon are mere
wishes, the so called pipe dreams.
To monetize a dream, one has to initiate some action to execute the idea. The dream is translated
into a product or service that solves humanity’s challenges.

Dreams require funding
To translate a dream into a marketable product or service requires one to mobilize the requisite
factors of production, for example: land, labor, capital and technology. The size of one’s dreams
determines the quantity and quality of the required factors of production. The common
denominator in sourcing and organizing the various factors of production is capital. For example,
one requires funds to lease or acquire land or premises, to remunerate labor, acquire the
appropriate technology, raw materials, protect the intellectual property, pay regulatory and
statutory fees, etc.
The best dreams will not see the light of day without sufficient funding and organization skills of
the dream owner and the hired team. Bankable dreams that are well articulated easily attract
funding. It is said that there is too much money in the world seeking for bankable ideas. In other
words, money is never a problem in the world. Capital always gets attracted to bankable dreams
to earn a return. Bankable ideas are the most precious commodity in the 21st century. Bankable
ideas or dreams are created in the minds of those with discerning senses that go beyond the
common sense. With such discerning senses, one is able to ‘see’ opportunities where ordinary
mortals see challenges and obstacles.
To conclude, there is no greatness in being a reservoir of big dreams. Broadcasting to the world
your ‘potentially breakthrough’ ideas, is tantamount to engaging in political rhetoric. Every
human being hampers some dreams of a better tomorrow. What differentiates day dreamers, the
wishful thinkers and the successful persons, the winners in the game of life is at the action level.
Mere dreams cannot pay bills, provide basic human needs leave alone other comforts in life.
One must be a ruthless executor of dreams.
Accessible and affordable funding is a critical ingredient in the execution and realization of a
person’s dream. With a bankable dream, finances will never be a problem. Dare upgrade your
dreams and money will just be attracted to you like a magnet! For without funding, dreams are
just mere wishful thinking, the so called pipe dreams!